Lina Eco-warrior Dress Up
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Jumping Hero
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Lina Eco-warrior Dress Up

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Lina loves nature, she enjoys taking hikes and long walks in the mountains and most of all she just wants to protect rainforests. That is why she joined the Zeenie Dollz, so she can be an eco-warrior. For all the good she is doing you can reward her with a new look. Her favorite thing to wear is a green jacket with exotic prints and a short pink denim skirt and yellow tights. But you can give her a more feminine outfit with a red dress with white polka dots, or a purple one with heart prints and ruffles on the bottom. Or you can mix and match some tops and bottoms to make her feel comfortable in her own environment, like a yellow t-shirt with a denim vest, a purple and blue hoodie jacket or sporty pants. Accessorize with ankle boots and small jewelry. Have a blast dressing up Lina!

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